How to subscribe to wild-list

The address for subscription/unsubscription requests is: majordomo@helsinki.fi
It is an automaton which only understands specific commands.

To subscribe to wild-list, send the following command in the body of your message (the subject line does not matter) to majordomo@helsinki.fi:

subscribe wild-list my@address

If you ever want to unsubscribe from wild-list, send the command

unsubscribe wild-list my@address

If you ever run into trouble with the technical aspects of your subscription and need to contact a human being, send mail to the address wild-list-request@helsinki.fi

The women behind the everyday functioning of wild-list are:

  • Claudia Koltzenburg koltzenburg@w4w.net
    Listmistress, looks after well-being of wild-list
  • Liana Borghi Co-listmistress
  • Eva Isaksson Eva.Isaksson@Helsinki.Fi
    Listowner, provides a home for wild-list and tackles technical aspects.

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