Wild-list origins

The idea for this list was initiated by Liana Borghi from the Lesbian Studies Division of WISE (Women's International Studies Europe) and was discussed with the students at the third ERASMUS course on lesbian and gay studies in June 1995 in the Netherlands. The decision to start the list was made among the women participating in the conference on the future of lesbian and gay studies in the Netherlands in July 1995. The women from several European countries (Britain, Finland, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands) wanted to create a space to further discuss issues in European lesbian studies and make it possible for many more women to take part in these discussions. The list would probably never have happened if Kati Mustola had not talked to Eva Isaksson, who then proceeded to implement the suggestion...

For further information on the WISE feminist network contact Claudia Koltzenburg at: koltzenburg@w4w.net

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