Wild-list posting guidelines

... are yet to be composed! Meanwhile:

Though English may be the chosen language for many of our exchanges, please keep in mind that you're free to use any of the languages which can use or may transcribe into the Latin alphabet. This will help remember the multilingual quality of lesbian cultures - and let us not forget the hegemonic act of using Anglish to communicate, those of us who struggle with Anglish are welcome to use a language closer to them.

Also, when reading a posting that has been written by someone who speaks another mother tongue than you, who has grown up in another culture than you, who lives far away from you - please read her words with wild patience (to borrow an expression from Adrienne Rich). If something that someone else says feels to you sarcastic or hurtful, it might be your interpretation of her style of expression or might be due of her command of a (foreign) language and is not necessarily meant to have such an effect on you as a reader.

Asking for clarification and making allowances for very different ways of saying things is essential for multicultural lists like wild-list.

Last but not least, we would like the women on this list to feel authorized and empowered to address and connect the diversity we have in Europe, i.e. european regions and countries. And certainly whatever we might think of as "Lesbian Studies" needs a different spelling in each language ?!"

Lesbian studies, Lesbenforschung, etudes lesbiennes, studie lesbiche, lesbotutkimus ...

Some postings and reports on the list will be published in the newsletter of WISE Lesbian Studies Group, with the permission of the author.

Contact: Claudia Koltzenburg koltzenburg@w4w.net

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