A wild LSO participant in front of Causse des Llamas
(Photo by Kati Mustola)

Lesbian Studies Ovular

The Lesbian Studies Ovular (LSO) was arranged by the WISE Lesbian Network in summer 1996. Many Wild-list members were present.

Further LSO pictures:
Rainfall meditation
Wild swimming in clear waters

At the LSO we decided to make a brochure about Wild - the WildB.

The brochure will be published in three languages: english, german and italian.

It will contain short articles on the proceedings of the LSO and the state of lesbian Studies in Europe. It will also contain a bibliography.

I. Proceedings of the LSO
Space (Nina)
Literature (Liana, Jeanne)
History (Tuula, Claudia, Judith)
Social Sciences (Kati)
Film Studies (Aylish, Mary)

II. Work in progress
Language, philosophy (Sabine, Christine)
Difference in language and translating lesbians (Ariane)
Lesbians in Science (Amaya, Melanie, Ksenija)

In this section there is space for all you other wilds who have anything to contribute.

III Bibliography
The bibliography could consist of two parts:

Academic articles, books, papers on lesbians published in your own country/language. If something is difficult to find please make a note where it can be obtained, or else leave it out.

A small number of articles/books etc. which you personally think are most important for lesbian studies today. They can be in any language.

A WWW list of Lesbian and Women's studies resources (Nina)