The Nights and Days of Tribades
Helsinki, September 7th-14th



1st-30th September, mon-fri 9 am - 4 pm
Naisasialiitto Unioni, Bulevardi 11 A 1

A dense and un(self)censored joint exhibition of visual art of various techniques, chosen and submitted by the artists from a LBT viewpoint.

8-14th September
Koetila, Fleminginkatu 21

For the duration of the tribadic week, a lesbian home, 30 m2, moves to Koetila. An installation of lesbian living space & home decoration with items borrowed from LBT homes is displayed in the large windows. The exhibition is a tribute to those tokens of lesbian culture, both blatant and more suggestive, that can be observed in private homes. Doors are open daily for a closer look on 5-6 pm (not Thur), you can also check there the latest information on the tribadic programme.

SUNDAY, 7th Sept.

2-5 pm
Naisasialiitto Unioni, Bulevardi 11 A 1

The croquis drawing session is open to more practiced artists and beginners alike. For 5 euros we offer you two nude models and artist Viva Granlund as your tutor. Bring your own equipment: an A3 drawing block, permanent felt-tipped pens in different thickness and 6B pencils. Ask more from Viva or just be there. In cooperation with Avoin Naisten Korkeakoulu. 5/4 e * Instruction even in English and Swedish.

4 pm and 7 pm
Restaurant DTM, Iso Roobertinkatu 28

Glamour, drag & blood! Charles Bush's camp comedy from 1984 is a story of two vampires, Magda and Madeleine. It is set in ancient Sodom, 1920s Hollywood and 1980s Las Vegas. Everywhere the women do away with barriers and suck the blood of young virgins. Directed & translated by Sarianna Paasonen. Starring Leena Rousti and Pete Koskinen. Duration appr. 1 hour.
7/5 e**

MONDAY, 8th Sept.

7:00-7:30 pm
Koetila, Fleminginkatu 21

You are welcome to attend a sapphic home blessing event. Sisterhood is not only global, we will also receive visitors and messages from other time periods. Performing Johanna Korhonen, Terhi Tuominen and Kati Sundell. Admission free.

QUEER QUIZ (Finnish only)
8 pm
Restaurant Lost & Found, Annankatu 6

In this quiz dyke teams pit their wits on questions drawn from nonnormative sexual cultures. Topics cover literature, movies, music, organizations, social issues and queer semantics. Audience can count their own results on a bingo card. Quiz-master: Aurora Vasama. Bingo cards 1 e.

TUESDAY, 9th Sept.

6 pm
Koetila, Fleminginkatu 21

Here's an extraordinary opportunity to bring out your own poetry or short texts to a dykey audience. At the lesbian home you can read out your own creation, and give & receive feedback. Alternatively, mail your poems or texts to the moderator of the evening, director Anna Kortesalmi, and let her read out your text. Admission free. English language texts also ok.

WEDNESDAY, 10th Sept.

1970s ENCORE (Finnish only)
7 pm - 1 am
New student house, Mannerheimintie 5 A, Alina Hall 3rd floor

A nostalgic-political evening focusing on lesbian life in the 70s. Researcher Tuula Juvonen tells about preserving lesbian history, veteran dykes relate their memories from the era of psychiatric discourse, the early days of homosexual organizing and the beginnings of gay disco. 70s lesbian fashion is presented on slides, for music we enjoy hit records of the period. Older and younger LBT generations are welcome! In cooperation with Granny Valley assoc. and the Student Union of University of Helsinki. 6/5 e ***.

THURSDAY, 11th Sept.

6:30-8 pm
Koetila, Fleminginkatu 21

Question normativity and shift genders! Adopt a role, or uncover your imaginary or real genderblending self. If you wish, you can take your blending act to the stage in Kingicabaret. Workshop tutors are Annamari Vänskä and Paula Koo. 10/7 e*.
Tutoring in English too.

Showtime 8 pm
Restaurant Lost & Found, Annankatu 6

'A drag king performs masculinity.' Come and present your own version, or join the cabaret audience in partying with the handsome kings. The stage is open also to improvised performances, no advance registering is required. Complete your look with a beard, moustache and/or sideburns at our hair buffet.
3/2 e*. Performances in any language ok.

FRIDAY, 12th Sept.

6:15 - 7:15 pm
Naisasialiitto Unioni, Bulevardi 11 A 1

In what way does lesbianism, bisexuality and transgender engage visual artists? Do these everyday indentificatory categories get into conflict with free artistic expression? How to create an inspiring, enriching and challenging LBT perspective into visual arts? These and other questions are discussed by artists Viva Granlund and Aurora Reinhard, strip cartoon artist Annukka Leppänen, photographer Lena Malm, Sini Lappalainen and Virva Hepolampi. Refreshments. Admission free.

At 8 pm, after a break the evening continues with:

'Ainokaiset' seduces the audience to sing along the favourites of Finnish melodic rock and other evergreens. Accompanied by piano and/or guitar. Admission free.

9 pm - 3 am
Restaurant boat Wäiski, Hakaniemenranta 11

An evening of live music with Poikatyttöbändi, Ivalo, Straight No More, DJ Vimma and possible surprise performances. The bands start at 10 pm. 7 e (including checkroom fee).

SATURDAY, 13th Sept.

1-5 pm
SETA's office, Hietalahdenkatu 2 b 16, 3rd floor

In the workshop you can prepare one or two individually coated books by means of an easy string binding method, using paper, cardboard, fabric and string. Recycled materials are made use of, and personal decorations can be worked in. The books are suited for a variety of purposes: as scrap-books, photo albums, visitors' books, diaries, recipe books, notebooks, etc. Workshop tutor is graphic artisan Sara Sundell. 10 participants. 10/7 e *. Instruction even in Swedish and English.

5:30 pm
Snellu, Toinen linja 8

Sergios and Bakhos were high-ranking Roman soldiers and Christians, who suffered martyrdom in the fourth century A.D. Since then the pair has been are referred to as an archetype in the marriage formulas of same-sex couples. Script & direction: Terhi Tuominen. Duration appr. ½ hour.

3rd Side'Specific: Homage - an ode on the present tense. A dance performance arising out of ready worked kinetic material, improvisation and the expectations and the unexpected that accompany each individual performance situation. Dance: Pia Lindy & Sini Haapalinna. Duration appr. ½ hour.

Admission to both shows is free.


7:30 pm
Koetila, Fleminginkatu 21

The occupants and occasional subtenants in the Lesbian home invite you to join their early evening party. Board games, crackers and plain juice is on the house. You are welcome to bring your own provisions and favourite games. Avec. Admission free. English can also be spoken.

SUNDAY, 14th Sept.

3 pm
Villa Kivi, Linnunlauluntie 7

The salon's guest authors are Gerry Birgit Ilvesheimo who published the novel 'Kuristajaviikunat' in spring 2003 and Hanna Hauru whose first work 'Eivätkä he koskaan hymyilleet' came out in fall 2002. The authors tell about their work and answer questions. Discussion, piano music, refreshments and an antiquarian book table. In cooperation with Lukukeskus ry. Admission free.

Reduced rates:
* members of Rivinväli
** members of Rivinväli and Seta
*** members of Rivinväli and Mummolaakso


Quotation of the year:
"Tribadic marriage is certainly not as rare a phenomenon as is believed."
(Sexual anomalies and perversions, Finnish translation, 1954)