ERI Dance Theater

ERI Dance Theater was founded in 1989 by the well-known Finnish dancer-choreographers Tiina Lindfors, Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini. The group quickly became known for their original and impressive dance performances, both in Finland and abroad.

During the past twelve years, ERI has boldly created a diverse program, which includes over 40 productions. The theatre presents approximately 130 shows per year, 2-3 of which are premiere performances. In addition to performances in Finland, ERI has performed in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, the United States and Japan. Most of ERI's dance performances are also televised.

ERI Dance Theater has been awarded the provincial art award, and in 1995 ERI received the esteemed Suomi-prize in recognition for their artistic work. Additionally, the members of the group have received numerous individual grants and awards; most recently, Tiina Lindfors received the 1999 award from the Cultural Fund of Finland and a significant grant from the Cultural Fund of Southwest Finland for the year 2000.

Theater director Vivica Bandler is chairperson of the board of the supporters' association for ERI Dance Theatre and Professor Pirkko Koski is the vice chairperson.

ERI Dance Theater's diverse program includes numerous interesting ordered performances, from short-act performances to full evening dance productions. We perform at a range of venues, such as international festivals as well as at Finnish and international cultural events and at private occasions.Humor and wit, dance and art-contact us and ask about the alternatives ERI can offer!

Yliopistonkatu 7
20100 Turku
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