Adding your list to the list of lesbian-lists

Please use the contact form.

NOTE: Only mailing lists can be added!
Please note that only mailing lists (where the discussions etc. take place through e-mail) will be listed. If your list is not participatory (i.e. it is for announcements of events or new products etc. only), it will probably not be listed.

Women only lists - what does that mean?
I try to add only "women only" or comparable lists. It is up to listowners to decide whom to include as women on their lists, but the purpose of this listing is to include lists that are specifically for and about women. That is because this is the whole point of this listing - there are other listings of queer mailing lists, and simply so very many queer lists that the maintainer of this listing wanted to specialize in women's lists, to keep this listing manageable.
If your list has lots of women and only a few men, the decision whether to list your mailing list will depend on the focus of the list - if its focus is on women, it will probably be added.

What information is needed for a listing?
The name of your list, a description of its scope - i.e. who is it for and who can join - and information about how to subscribe.
Alternatively, you can submit an URL for the list's homepage where this information can be found.

How long will it take to add a list?
Sometimes, I am too busy to add new entries more often than once in 2-4 weeks. Sorry for the occasional delays! I have been adding new lists since 1994 when I started this listing. In the beginning there were only a few lists, then there were only less than 30, then more than 50, and now new lists seem to be started all the time. I try my best, but be prepared for it taking a while after you submit your list's information.

What questions and queries NOT to send?

  • "Please subscribe me." Sorry, but is not an address for subscribing to these lists. Please check the subscription info for those lists you are interested in!
  • "I have a social group with a webpage about its meetings, please add it to your listing!" Sorry, I cannot. I only list mailing lists. There are lots of other spaces to submit your information to instead - please surf on to find them.
  • "How can I start a new list?" There is a page I wrote about How to start your own list?, and that is essentially all that I can say about that topic.
  • "Why haven't you added my list yet? Does that mean that you disapprove of it?" If you read through the above, you will have an idea about your chances to be added, and about there being delays more than often. Please wait at least two weeks before following this up, as chances are that if I am too busy to add your list, I am also too busy to reply to lots of questions. Thanks for your patience.